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  • New book on Samoa - May 22 2017
    We alert you to the recently published biography of Ta’isi O. F. Nelson by Patricia O'Brien bringing light to some aspects of the League's mandate on Samoa: "Tautai: Sāmoa, World History and the Life of Ta'isi O. F. Nelson" University of Hawai'i Press, 2017.
    For details see: Book

  • New book - Fascist Italy and the League of Nations - December 06 2016
    Dr. Elisabetta Tollardo's book titled "Fascist Italy and the League of Nations, 1922-1935" has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. By uncovering the traces of the Italians working in the organization, the volume investigates Fascist Italy’s membership of the League, and explores the dynamics between nationalism and internationalism in Geneva in the interwar years.
    For details see: Book

  • Biography of Arthur Salter published - May 15 2016
    Professor Sidney Aster has recently published the first biography of Arthur Salter, the first Director of the Economic and Financial Section of the League of Nations: Sidney Aster, "Power, Policy and Personality: The Life and Times of Lord Salter, 1881-1975" (Amazon, 2016)
    For details see: Book

  • New Book - Latin America and the League of Nations - December 17 2015 - December 17 2015
    A new book has been published on the League of Nations and Latin America: McPherson, A. and Wehrli Y. (eds.), "Beyond Geopolitics: New Histories of Latin America at the League of Nations" (University of New Mexico Press: Albuquerque, 2015)
    For details see: Book

  • Podcast on the League of Nations - November 26 2015
    Professor Susan Pedersen's interview with Sean Graham of Active History, which covers several League of Nations aspects, can be found in the following episode of History Slam:
    For details see: Link to podcast

  • New article on the League's mandates - June 13 2015
    Natasha Wheatley has recently published the article "Mandatory Interpretation: Legal Hermeneutics and the New International Order in Arab and Jewish Petitions to the League of Nations" in Past and Present, 227 (May, 2015),pp. 205-248.
    For details see: Link to Journal

  • International Conference "Subversive Networks", Heidelberg 4-6 December 2014 - November 10 2014
    The international conference "Subversive Networks. Actors of Change in International Organizations, 1920-1960" will take place on Thursday 4 - Saturday 6 December 2014 at the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” at Heidelberg University (Karl-Jaspers-Centre, Voßstr. 2, Building 4400).
    For details see: Conference website

  • New article on the League of Nations Secretariat - October 21 2014
    A new article on the League of Nations Secretariat by Klaas Dykmann has just been published in the International History Review (October 2014): "How international was the Secretariat of the League of Nations.”
    For details see: Taylor & Francis Online article

  • Call for Abstracts - July 01 2013
    Workshop: Equal but Different? Interwar Internationalism and its Others

    A workshop of the SNSF-research project “Human Rights, Women's Movement and the League of Nations“.
    With Francisca de Haan, Central European University in Budapest and Daniel Laqua, Northumbria University (UK), organized by Elife Biçer-Deveci und Edith Siegenthaler.

    Friday, 18 October 2013, University of Berne

    In the interwar period, many international organizations were founded, all of which were deeply rooted within the internationalist movement. These organizations tried to use the newly founded League of Nations as a platform to negotiate their concerns and requests. “Internationalism” as a concept structured debates and mediated between different actors. The concept of “internationalism” contained the ideal of equal actors cooperating for a better world. But in reality, the international sphere was not filled with equal partners but marked by inequalities and power relations.

    The aim of the workshop is to discuss the following questions: How were these international inequalities addressed and dealt with in a discursive field that claimed the equality of all contributing actors? How did the actors themselves explain differences and inequalities? How were differences created and preserved and what opportunities did the concept of “internationalism” offer to overcome these inequalities? How did international women’s organizations, which stressed women’s solidarity throughout the world, distinguish themselves from other international organizations with regard to their concept of “internationalism” and in the handling of differences and inequalities?

    We will reflect upon these questions with two experts, Francisca de Haan and Daniel Laqua, in a workshop at the University of Berne. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own research project and common issues in relation to the subject of the workshop. Researchers interested in discussing their research project are asked to submit a short abstract (up to 300 words) of their project and its relation to the questions of the workshop in English no later than 12 July 2013 to [email protected] No travel and accommodation costs can be provided by the workshop organizers.

    For further information, please contact:

    Elife Biçer-Deveci, University of Berne, [email protected]

    Edith Siegenthaler, University of Berne, [email protected]

  • New article on India and the League of Nations - June 10 2013
    A new article on India and the League of Nations has been recently published.

    Stephen Legg's "An international anomaly? Sovereignty, the League of Nations and India's princely geographies" in Journal of Historical Geography is now available on line at the following link.
    For details see: Sciencedirect website

  • New book on the economic and financial work of the League - March 15 2013
    The book "Securing the World Economy. The Reinvention of the League of Nations, 1920-1946" by Prof. Patricia Clavin has just been published in the UK by Oxford University Press and will be available in the USA in the next weeks.

    For details see:

  • New article on the League of Nations - January 09 2013
    New publication by Magaly Rodriguez Garcia, "The League of Nations and the Moral Recruitment of Women", International Review of Social History 57 (2012), Special Issue, pp. 97-128.

  • Call for Papers: The League of Nations and its Work on Social Issues - December 06 2012
    An international symposium on the League’s efforts on social issues will take place on 31 October -1 November 2013 at the UNOG Library in Geneva.
    The symposium aims to go beyond the work of the League’s Social Section and to analyse the organisation’s global effort on social issues from three different perspectives: the League's work on social affairs; the League’s internal work; and national implementation of the League’s proposals.

    Researchers interested in participating are requested to send their proposals to [email protected] by no later than 31 December 2012.

    The proposals (and papers if accepted) can be sent in either English or French.
    For details see:

  • New Reading Room for the League of Nations Archive in Geneva - December 03 2012
    On 10 September 2012, the UNOG Library in Geneva inaugurated the John D. Rockefeller League of Nations and United Nations Archives Reading Room in commemoration of the 85th Anniversary of John D. Rockefeller's donation for the League of Nations Library.

    For details see:

  • JGH articles on the League of Nations - October 02 2012
    The latest issue of the Journal of Global History (Volume 7, Issue 02, July 2012) features interesting articles on the interwar period and the League of Nations
    For details see:

  • New article on the League of Nations - August 02 2012
    A new article by Stephen Legg on the League of Nations has been published: ‘The Life of Individuals as well as of Nations’: International Law and the League of Nations’ Anti-Trafficking Governmentalities. It can be found in the Leiden Journal of International Law, September 2012, 25: pp. 647-664
    For details see:

  • League of Nations Publications Collection in Oxford - May 24 2012
    A new guide to the League of Nations Publications collection at the Bodleian Law Library (University of Oxford) is now available
    For details see:

  • Final Moorehouse Novel Published - March 01 2012
    Frank Moorehouse, a leading Austrialian novelist, has completed a trilogy of a story of Edith Campbell Berry and the League of Nations. The latest and final novel is called Cold Light and is published by Random House.

  • A Funded-Research Opportunity in Australia - February 01 2012
    Australia played an active role during the League era: as a dominion of the British Empire it was granted a separate representation. It was a new mandate power and was represented at the Permanent Mandate Commission, and it also sent representatives to the other expert committees. For those who are interested in Australia's roles in these international organizations and commissions as well as in the British Commonwealth, The Australian National University (ANU) offers a research grant scheme which could provide you with some extra-money to help your research.

    The ANU is located at Canberra, where there are the Australian Archives, the National Library of Australia, and the Australian War Memorial. You can find a link to the scheme below, and as you can see in the condition for this post-doc and research fellowship, all you need to show is that your research has something to do with Europe.
    For details see:

  • New Article Published - February 01 2012
    Prof. Michael Fakhri's last article on Cuba, sugar, and the economic functions of the League has just been published in a special symposium issue of the Leiden Journal of International Law.

    "The 1937 International Sugar Agreement: Neo-Colonial Cuba and Economic Aspects of the League of Nations", 24:4 Leiden Journal of International Law 89 (2011)
    For details see:

  • Towards a New History of the League of Nations - August 23 2011
    A workshop was held in Jesus College, Oxford in August 2010.
    For details see:

  • International Scholarly Conference, Geneva - August 09 2011
    A conference and graduate workshop was held in the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva August 25-26.
    For details see: